Using the PiGlow with Node-Red

Using the PiGlow with Node-Red

My house mate is currently waiting to get his delivery of his new Raspberry Pi B+ and PiGlow, and as we were discussing this I thought it would be interesting to see if I could control a PiGlow using Node-Red.

Installing the PiGlow node module

sudo npm install piglow

This one speaks for itself really!

Setting up Node-Red to use the module

functionGlobalContext: { piglow:require('piglow') }

Note: If you already have a module in your functionGlobalContext, add the piglow chunk after a comma e.g.:

functionGlobalContext: { crypto:require('crypto'),
                         piglow:require('piglow') }

Hello World

Now, run node red as sudo:

sudo node red.js
Create a simple flow with an Inject Node going into a function node.

Now enter this basic javascript into the function node.

var piGlow =;
//callback fires when board is initialized
piGlow(function(error, pi) {

return msg;

Click deploy and then try clicking on the inject. Your PiGlow should now light up randomly!

Have fun!

Now you can play with your PiGlow to your heart's content!

Check out thePiGlow node module Git Page for instructions on how to control it!