A photo of me sitting on the dock by the Mayflower Autonomous Ship with my laptop.

Software engineer with a love for connecting real and virtual worlds together. Gardening, baking and building things in my spare time.


  • IBM Research: Advanced Prototyping: 2021-present
    The Advanced Prototyping team sits between the core researchers in IBM and the client and product teams, taking early POCs and developing them into full prototypes that can be demonstrated to clients, with the option of passing them onto a product team where they can be developed into full fledged offerings. I am currently working as a back-end software engineer designing and building REST APIs to support the prototypes our teams build. In addition to this, I am also taking a leading role in architecture of said prototypes and managing the deployment to OpenShift (K8) clusters.

  • IBM@Wimbledon: 2012-present
    Supporting IBM's presence at The Championships at Wimbledon since 2012.

    • Part of team responsible for year-round planning, roll-out & deployment, execution and rollback of IBM Operations at The Wimbledon Championships.
    • Architect and Developer for Player Portal project - providing players with up to date information and support for their time at Wimbledon each year.
    • Supported and developed environmental sensing systems to support operations during The Championships and year round. Aiding management of the tournament as well as enabling the saving of energy and optimisation of grass growing over winter months.
  • IBM Research: Emerging Technology Services: 2018 - 2021
    ETS was a unique team that helped bring clients visions to life by building on and exploiting emerging technologies from both inside and outside of IBM. We worked directly with clients to explore their needs and design and build everything from quick hacks, PoCs to full prototypes.

    • Mayflower Autonomous Ship - The Mayflower Autonomous Ship is a first of its kind Autonomous Trimaran that demonstrated the advanced AI captain jointly developed by Marine AI and IBM. The MAS successfully completed its crossing of the Atlantic in 2022 and carried a Science payload that was contributed to by researchers within IBM and from a number of partner universities around the UK. I worked to bring all of those experiments together in both software and hardware, integrate them into the MAS and build the orchestration flows that would allow them to collect data autonomously at sea over long periods with little to no comms. More information can be found at and
    • Edge Sensor and comms integration - Working with clients to connect a number of disparate sensors and edge devices into larger C2 systems in environments where low power and degraded communications is the norm.
    • Live Protocol conversion - Built a series of Node-RED nodes that supported conversion of many different C2 and geospatial communication protocols. This supported bringing legacy technology that was thought to be impossible to integrate with into a more modern operating environment.
    • Sensor Hardware Development - Building prototype sensors and edge devices as demonstrators and proof of concepts for clients inside and outside of IBM
    • Marketing Activation automation - Designed and built technical components for an IBM Marketing Sushi belt activation that would allow passers by to pick up objects from the belt, place them on a pad in front of them, which would cause a relevant story to start playing on the screen in front of them.
    • ML & IoT health and safety - Development of ML and IoT solution to aid in protection and guidance of operations teams working in hazardous environments for National infrastructure.
  • IBM Watson IoT Platform (MQTT Open Source): 2015-2018
    Joint Project Lead and committer on the Eclipse Paho Project. Responsible for Developing and Maintaining the Java, Android and JavaScript Clients as well as working with the wider MQTT / Eclipse community to help new developers, resolve bugs and implement new features. Developed first pass on Java and JavaScript MQTTv5 clients.

  • IBM Rational Software: 2013-2015
    Worked on Rational Test Control Panel and Rational Integration Tester products, mostly involving Java, Eclipse Client and Swing development.



  • Python / Micropython
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Shell Script
  • SQL


  • Linux
  • Networking
  • CouchDB / Cloudant
  • SQL / MariaDB / DB2
  • Docker / OpenShift
  • MQTT
  • Node-RED
  • Embedded Devices (Arduino, ESP, Raspberry Pi Pico)

Notable personal Projects:


  • BSC Computer Science - Brunel University (2009 - 2013)